Abolitionism: United States Declaration of Independence and Modern Equivalent

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  • Published : July 8, 2012
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What, if any, progress was been made by the movement? William Wilberforce supported many social reforms, he is well known for his efforts to abolish slavery. A Member of Parliament from 1780-1825, introduce anti-slavery motions for almost two decades to no avail. His diligence paid off in 1833, days before his death, he saw the passage of the Abolition of Slavery Act through Parliament (http://www.encyclopedia.com/doc/1G2-3437700852.html). When we look at the abolitionism today, it has taken on a new name called “the civil rights movement” and remains a struggle for the African American. During the beginning of the 1950’s and 1960’s many still had to use back doors to be served and were segregated from the white population.

Is there a modern equivalent of the movement? If so, describe the modern equivalent. Yes, the civil rights movement. The Supreme Court had become more active in its defense of individual rights, often in response to litigation and demonstrations initiated by those in the movement. African Americans wanted the same rights and whites, including equal opportunities in employment, education and housing. They were also seeking the right to vote, equal access to public facilities and freedom from discrimination.

Are any of the early ideals still relevant? If so, how? Yes, it starts with our Declaration of Independence from England, which led to our Constitution. The civil rights movement changed the face of the United States laws and policies. The Federal government started enforcing the rights of persecuted minorities even with hostile opposition from southern states. The Constitution protected civil liberties but never went far enough to protect all races. With discrimination and segregation of the black population, African Americans found themselves being inferior and separated from pursuing the American Dream. The fight for equality still rings true today. Our Constitution states, “That ALL men are created...
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