Abo Blood Groups and Race

Topics: Blood type, ABO blood group system, Blood Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: July 3, 2008
ABO Rhesus Factor Blood Type –RCC Norco
Purpose of the Research
My final project was set out to gather information about blood group types of my Anatomy and Physiology 2B class mates and used statistical analysis tools learnt in class to determine if there are any trends of statistical importance. The data was collected from the results of blood group or type test that my entire classmate in the Anatomy and Physiology 2B class performed as part of our laboratory work. Samples of blood were tested for ABO/ Rhesus factor (Rh). The four main blood categories are A, B, O, or AB type Blood and may be either Rh+ or Rh-. The basis of the Blood group tests is the ability to detect specific substances, or antigens, on the red Blood cells. The A antigen is on type A cells; the B antigen is on type B cells. If neither A nor B antigens are detected, the donor has type O Blood; if both are present, the donor has type AB Blood. If the major Rh antigen is present, the donor is Rh+ (for example, O+, A+, B+, or AB+); if not, the donor is Rh- (O-, A-, B-, or AB-). A person with type A Blood can receive Blood from a person with Blood type A. The person with Blood type B can receive Blood from a person with Blood type B. A person with Blood type AB Blood can receive Blood from anyone. An individual with Blood type O could only receive Blood from a person with type O. If one Blood type is improperly mixed with another Blood type in a human, the Blood cells may begin to "clump" together in Blood vessels, causing a potentially fatal Blood transfusion reaction. Blood types must be carefully matched before Blood transfusion. There are racial and ethnic differences in Blood type and composition. United States have mixed populations migrated from all over the world. Emergency situations demanding blood donations and transfusion could occur anywhere anytime including Norco Community college campus. Therefore a study in Blood type and racial group of sampled students in Norco would be...
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