Abnormal Psychology Critique

Topics: Suicide, Major depressive disorder, Mental disorder Pages: 10 (2069 words) Published: November 22, 2012
Changes in impairment level, functional status, and

use of assistive devices by older people with

depressive symptoms.

Dayao, Arveene L.

BS Psychology II - 01

Manila Tytana Colleges

To be submitted to :

Ms. Sheila Laine Dela Paz

Date submitted :

January 30, 2012


This study sought to understand how functional status, impairment level, and use of assistive

devices change over 3 years for older adults with depressive symptoms. I further explored factors

that predict change in severity of depressive symptoms. During 3 years, participants experienced

increased physical disability, a decline in severity of depressive symptoms, and an increase in the

total number of assistive devices owned. A significant number of older adults will experience a

decrease in depressive symptoms over 3 years, despite an increase in physical disability. They

also will obtain more assistive devices as they age.

The specific issue that stands out in the journal is relative to the various changes in

impairment level, functional status and use of some suggested assistive devices that could be

used by older people who suffer symptoms of depression. I do very much agree how the author

touched the subject and explained depression among the older people. There is nothing from the

journal article that I disagree about. The points presented by the author about the existence of

this feeling of depression among the older people are true and satisfactory.

The second journal that I have, Suicide In Older Adults : Nursing Assessment Of Suicide

by Linda Garand, PhD, APRN, BC, Ann M. Mitchell, PhD, RN, AHN, BC, Ann Dietrick, MSN,

APRN, BC, Sophia P. Hijjawi, BSN, RN, and Di Pan, BSN, RN, is somewhat parallel to my first

journal. This second article talks about suicide in older adults. It is being discussed here that

suicide and attempted suicide is associated with depression, psychosis and substance abuse

among younger individuals, yet among older adults, depression and co morbid medical

conditions play important contributory roles. Same as what was being talked about in the first

article. The issue that attracts my attention is on the prevalence of suicidal behaviors in older

adults and lays a foundation for understanding the role of risk factors in the prevention of

suicide. Just like in the first article, the issue focuses more on depression on older adults. It has

been proven that the older adults are the one that easily get depressed than the younger ones. Just

as no single factor is universally causal, no single intervention will prevent all suicides. The

multi-dimensionality of suicide presents great challenges, but also has important implications for

prevention. Suicide in late life must be understood as a complex combination of interactive

effects in which mood disorders take a central role. Our ability to more precisely target

preventive interventions will hinge on a better understanding of those relationships. Until then,

nurses and others must be diligent in the identification of older adults at risk for suicide.

Subgroups of older adults at high risk for suicide include those with depressive illnesses,

previous suicide attempts, physical illnesses, and those who are socially isolated. Therefore I can

say, that major depression is the most common diagnosis in older adults (of both sexes) who

attempt or complete suicide.

This study used data from Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Aging

Consumer Assessment Study, a longitudinal study of coping strategies of elders with disabilities.

Seventy-three participants with depressive symptoms were interviewed at baseline and 3 years

later. I believe that the author used the most appropriate method because they have come about

with good results. And thus, there is no other appropriate or suitable way to test...
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