Abnormal Psychology

Topics: Panic disorder, Anxiety disorder, Anxiety Pages: 4 (912 words) Published: November 2, 2011
Abnormal Psychology

1) Dissociation is something:
Answer: sort of like daydreaming, something that young children are especially apt to use as a defense against trauma, a natural part of human psychology and it’s not necessarily pathological.

2) Jeff seems alright at work…
Answer: Jeff has disthymia disorder, because he lives a functional life, and his symptoms are milder from depression, but he’s been the same for years, and disthymia lasts at least two years.

3) In order to meet the requirement for a DSM diagnosis there are three categories which must meet: Answer: duration of symptoms, intensity of symptoms, and impingment on functionality

4) Thomas Szasz would not agree with the following statement: Answer: Persons should be held responsible for their actions even if their behavior and beliefs are outlandish.

5) Anxiety disorders are all, ultimately caused by fear

6) John freaks out whenever he sees a spider.
Answer: John has arachnophobia

7) Rita suffers from OCD surrounding germs and cleanliness… Answer: Should be RPT or Response Prevention Therapy.

8) Three criteria by which we commonly determine abnormality of any behavior Answer: Statistically Abnormal, Deviation from social norms and morality and Maladaptive.

9) Three situations which could cause Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Answer: trauma from the war, trauma from terrorist attack and trauma from plane crash.

10) Phobias, PTSD, and panic disorders are all classified as anxiety disorder

11) Randy goes to a psychologist to treat his phobia of trains. Answer: The psychologist who is Freudian would say: I think the train is a clear phallic symbol for you and probably represents repressed sexual urges which you would find repugnant to acknowledge. 12) Marcia has been diagnosed with a disorder called “maladaptive daydreaming” which is a class of the dissociative disorder.

13) Rita goes to the therapist to treat her...
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