Abnormal Psych Chapter 1 Reflection Paper

Topics: Psychology, Mental disorder, Abnormal psychology Pages: 1 (373 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Abnormal Psychology
Reflection Paper Response Ch 1
Professor: Dr. Larry E. Hazelbaker
1. Please list the things you found intriguing, interesting, etc. * With the increasing diversity in our society, we have become very sensitive to how culture and unique group characteristics affect the definition of psychopathology. * Two-thirds of all people suffering from a diagnosable mental disorder in the United States are not receiving or seeking mental health services. * Beliefs that mental disorders are inherited and incurable, and that those who suffer from them will never contribute to society have caused undue harm to many. * Ancient peoples believed in demonology and attributed abnormal behaviors to evil spirits that inhabited the victim’s body. * The Renaissance brought rational and scientific inquiry along with a heightened interest in humanitarian methods of treating the mentally ill. 2. Please write a reflection/response to those things listed above: Growing up in an international school and now living in a culture completely different from the one I have known my whole life, I think it is so very interesting to be sensitive on how culture characteristics define psychopathology. Although differences we see between my Hispanic culture and the American culture might not necessarily be considered psychologically abnormal, if not taking into consideration the unique group characteristics, I believe people could legitimately believe customs from other countries and cultures to be abnormal. One example that comes into mind is the practice of a group of people in Tanzania of jumping up and down towards each other as a sign of flirting and wanting to court. When observing this behavior, I believe it can definitely be thought of as abnormal if not thinking about the meaning in their type of culture. It’s difficult for me to face people who believe that mental disorders are incurable and that those who suffer from them might never contribute...
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