Abnormal Behavior. What is it?

Topics: Psychology, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Sense Pages: 2 (460 words) Published: March 29, 2013
Abnormal Behavior

Psychologist would first look at the unusualness of the behavior. The uncontrollable weeping may be perceived as an inappropriate reaction. It is unusual (at least in our culture) to see customers openly weeping in the supermarket. However it may not be an abnormal behavior. We don’t know what preceded the perceived inappropriate reaction. Perhaps she just experienced the loss of a loved one or a romantic relationship ended. Experiencing a painful loss would mitigate the perception of inappropriateness.  They would next examine her perception of reality. Is she responding to her actual reality or is she responding to a faulty sense of reality.   Has she just experienced some type of emotional trauma that would explain the weeping? Is that her true reality or is she hallucinating. Is she hearing or seeing something that is not there. Are these hallucinations producing the reaction of the weeping?  They would further examine her life situation. Is she experiencing some type of significant personal distress? The weeping could be an indication of personal distress or it could be an indication of something else. Is she depressed, is she anxious, or is she afraid. Again, has she just experienced some type of trauma or is she experiencing personal distress far beyond her life situation.  Psychologist would next examine some of her other behaviors and whether or not they reflect self-defeat. Is she intentionally creating misery for herself? Is she intentionally behaving in a manner that is damaging herself and her life? They would then decide whether or not she poses a danger to herself or others.   Has the self-defeat created suicidal tendencies or is she going to physically harm someone else?         They would also consider what her cultural background is. The openly public weeping is unusual in American culture. However it may be perceived as appropriate in other cultures. Perhaps she comes from a culture where it is perceived as inappropriate...
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