Able to Be Me

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January 16, 2013

First day in Uratex on OJT (On The Job Training Junior). I’m very excited because this is my first time to go in a company as an on the job training student. Im also nervous because I don’t know what im going to do if ill start at work. And I have no idea who im work with and what task will be assign to me, if its hard or not. Because in my interview maam Lorie said that ill be the one who will take time and motion study. She is the Production Department Supervisor .

While im waiting to my supervisor in waiting in Uratex im looking around and feel the surrounding. Because its good to be familiarize in my on going work place. And I don’t expect that the supervisor that will handle me is very young and so pretty she looks like an artist. Not only she have a good appearance but also a king heart and have a sense of humor. She is so “makulit and napaka masayahin” so im very thankful that she is my supervisor. She is not only the one who make the department laugh but also sir Buboy. Sir Buboy is one of the Supervisor of this department. He always make the department “get some noise” because he always throw a joke that all officemates make them laugh. At the first place I know that all people in this department is good to work with.

My mentor maam Kristel teach me how to do a Time Measurement Sheet and other kind of Charts and Table related in How to do a TMS. She also explain how their workers do their Jobs. How importance of being good to your people specially when Its come to the relationship of the supervisor and the worker. Before the days end maam introduce me in all staff in production area and in accounting office.

January 23, 2013

Second Day in my OJT. Ill go earlier in the company because I thought the all employees in this company come earlier. And I volunteer my self to do the job that every morning I am the one who will groom the floor . And its not their command, its my choice. Because I see that they have an 7’s in their company and I follow it. Because as my mentor said that if you apply it to your self not only in the company you can develop your self. The task assign me for to day is to take a video in the cutting process of the foam to become a finish good and that is mattress. And after I took a video I plot the time that I have taken in a time measurement sheet form. They provide me a digital camera, laptop and my own table and chair.

At the first I don’t really whats going on in how to make time measurement sheets. But when the time pass by I realize that its very easy when you know the formula using in time measurement study. And as to all engineering student it is not hard because in our subjects its many math subject rather than other subjects that only you have to do is to explain and memorize.

But its not easy because you must be take the time of each worker and that worker you needed to take their time its either walk time, Hand time and Machine time. Because every move,action or motion its have an equivalent time. And each time you need it to compute its average, maximum time, minimum time and its fluctuation.

January 26, 2013

Third Day of OJT. I do my task again every morning and that is groom our department im not acquired because when I go to work me and sir Jordan is coming earlier. Beacause I always come to the office 30 mins earlier before 8 am that is original office hour. And every 10:00 we have a coffee break again up to 3:30. And the off time of the is 5:00 pm. And the third day I do a time measurement study again but different size of foam to make a finish product. And im very happy because I done to make a time measurement study in my own.

January 30, 2013

In the Forth Day I do my routine task. I coming earlier in the office I clean the production office. And ill wait my mentor come to assign me to do a task. But my mentor is not coming because they go in...
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