Abiotic and Biotic Characteristic

Topics: Biology, Life, Biotic component Pages: 2 (669 words) Published: March 7, 2013
I was able to observe and identify a variety of interactions between living and nonliving organisms.One observation  was the nonliving organisms help the living organisms meet their needs such as living conditions. When I say living conditions I refer to climate changes and geography in the marine life. Nonliving and living organism interact with each other in many different components. When I was observing the river I saw how  organisms have to have living and nonliving elements in order to have a survival of that specie for the reason  it is a main component for their existences. As I was observing the characteristics of a river, I was able to observe how important nonliving and living things are to our environment. These factors are important for the reason a living organisms would eat the nonliving at some point in time.

I also went to cabrillo marine aquarium. I was able to analyze the adaptations that an ochre sea star has to adapt to. The first adaptation of a ochre sea star is they have to tolerate a long time to the exposure of air if they were living in tide pools. Another adaptions that the ochre sea star has to face is the constant pounding of waves.  Ochre sea stars have to adapt to this adaptation for the reason  they would end up being pulled away from their habitat  to a different location in the water. The last adaptations the ochre sea star has to adapt to is their habitats for the reason they have to stick along the side of the rocks. They have to get use to their habitats in order to prey. They have to settle in a location that they will be able to tolerate their predators also. The second marine animal I observe was the Garibaldi. The first adaptation the Garibaldi has to face is different climates. Garibaldi has to face the different climates in order to live. The second adaptation the Garibaldi has to adapt to is contrary  to the majority of other organism. The female and male Garibaldi tend to over dominate or over power each other. The...
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