Ability to Communicate Orally

Topics: Korean language, Bag-In-Box, South Korea Pages: 4 (1248 words) Published: March 10, 2012
…Served eight and one half years in the US Army and was honorably discharged at the rank of SSG/E-6. During my service, I was stationed in Korea and was selected and trained as a Korean Linguist. I was responsible for leading teams of soldiers to secret high ground communications outposts and in charge of monitoring, interpreting, and reporting South Korean communications and intelligence activity. The work our team conducted was highly classified and was an essential component to intelligence gathering and served as an important element in effectively ensuring the security of the United States and its allied forces. Upon my return to the United States from my tour of duty in Korea I was stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington. I was assigned the responsibility of establishing a language maintenance program for the returning linguists which enabled and assisted them in maintaining their proficiency of the Korean language and the various dialects. I was also responsible for document control on all classified material at our company, the 335 ASA Company. This assignment required highly specialized knowledge of not only the Korean language, but also an extensive knowledge of all the applicable international laws regarding such, and an in-depth understanding of reporting top secret military intelligence through appropriate mechanisms and established protocols. I am also a retired Police Lieutenant with twenty years of investigative experience. For more than half of my career in law enforcement I served as a Sergeant and Lieutenant. I participated in numerous management training sessions during my tenure including a four week Police Management Program held at Babson Business College in Wellesley, Massachusetts. I have had extensive training in constitutional law and civil liability. I have evaluated and trained police officers on proper police procedures and served as Criminal Investigative Supervisory Lead in notable homicide investigations, robberies, and...
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