Abigail Williams: A Viscous Girl

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  • Published : May 7, 2007
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In the play the "crucible," written by Arthur Miller, Abigail Williams is a viscous girl who does nothing for anyone but herself. Abigail threatens to beat people; she yells at them she even wishes death upon some. Abigail is in Betty's room trying to wake her up when she says, "Betty? Now Betty dear wake up now. It's Abigail. I'll beat you, betty! My you seem improving. I talked to papa and I told him everything. So there's nothing to" (19). Abigail is willing to beat Betty if she doesn't get up. Abigail wants Betty to get up so that they won't have to explain what they were doing in the woods and get in trouble for. When Betty still won't get up Abigail begins to yell at her. "Betty? Betty doesn't move. She shakes her. Now stop this! Betty! Sit up now!"(18). Abigail is yelling at betty so that she will wake up and they wont get in trouble for what they did and everything can go back to the way it was before they were caught in the woods. Betty finally wakes up and she is yelling, she yells, "you drank a charm to kill John Proctors wife! You drank a charm to kill goody Proctor!"(19). Abigail want Elizabeth Proctor dead so that she can have john all to her self. Abigail is willing to kill someone so that she can have John all to herself. Because Abigail is such a viscous person it is easy to see why it was so easy for her to blame so many innocent people of witch craft.
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