Abigail Williams Character

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  • Published : December 5, 2010
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Human beings act the way they do because of their past. When he or she is traumatized or have lived through harmful events in his or her life, it can effect their present actions. Abigail Williams , character from The Crucible by Arthur Miller, has experienced dreadful events and emotions that have effected her actions. Though the affairs she caused were unnecessary , it was not her fault at all. She is emotionally scarred and her acts were a cry for help. Abigail Williams, a poor traumatized girl, should not be held countable for her actions.

Abigail has survived one of the most disturbing tragedies someone can go through. She has seen her parents killed by the Indians before her very own eyes. Witnessing this gruesome event could cause any human being to go insane and to not think rationally for the rest of his or her life. All the actions she had taken during the witch trials were caused by her insanity. She was not acting bewitched for fun for her insanity caused her to see witchcraft that did not exist. When she witnessed the flying bird in the court house it was her mind that was tricking her to see what was really not there. Also, when she witnessed her parents’ death, it filled her with anger and hatred for the world. With all of this anger and hatred built up, her insanity brought her to want revenge. So during the witch trials her so called “acting” of being bewitched was caused by her insanity.

Abigail had a forbidden love with John Proctor. This love made her attached to Proctor. When Proctor was done with her, he destroyed the whole relationship. He told her they were done and gave her the horrible feeling of being unwanted. Just because he was ashamed of what he did and did not want any part of it anymore . It did not mean he had to hurt poor Abigail. Most of Abigail’s life was lived without parents to share love, but with Proctor, she finally had someone to love. When he suddenly ended what they had so quickly , it made her feel like...
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