Abigail Adams Essay

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  • Published : December 27, 2011
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“Remember the ladies” I would always say to my husband. Most women in my time were afraid to speak up for their rights’. I, Abigail Smith Adams, daughter of William Smith, and wife of John Adams, was not afraid to speak up against these cruel restrictions. I was born on November 11, 1744 in Weymouth, Massachusetts. I did not attend school because girls were discouraged to, so my family taught me at home. With access to my father’s library, I became very interested in philosophy, theology, Shakespeare, the classics, ancient history, government and law. My motivation for gaining rights for women allowed me to be involved with the President, the Whiskey Rebellion, American relations to Great Britain, and even taxation. The second president of the United States was my husband John Adams. His presidency helped me have a greater voice and influence many women to fight for what they deserved. John regularly consulted me and I seemed to have influenced his opinion on many things. When John ran for a reelection in 1880, I followed his campaign closely and although he lost, I thought it was a fair election. I looked forward to returning to our earlier life when we lived together.  However, even after my husband was not president anymore I remained interested in national and political issues. Many people disliked my involvement in politics and called me “Mrs. President.” I did not let this change my opinion and continued to voice what I felt. Under the influence of John and I, my son, John Quincy Adams, became the six president of the United States. My husband and I strongly disagreed with the Whiskey Rebellion. At this time, the government was trying to become more centralized and powerful. The Whiskey rebels were opposing the strength of the government by torturing the tax collectors. This encouraged my husband to pass the Alien and Sedition Acts when he became President. I supported his decision in passing these acts because they imprisoned those who criticized the...
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