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Abigail Williams is the main character for performing witchcraft activity in the woods and meeting with Tituba. She constantly lies to hide the truth of other things. Like how she tries to hide her affair between her and Procter, which then would reveal her casting a spell on Elizabeth by drinking chicken blood to try to kill her, so she can have Procter all to herself. After Paris catches Abigail and the girls in the woods dancing, she has to lie to cover for herself, so nobody finds out about the adultery with Procter and how she tried to drink the chicken blood to kill Elizabeth. She doesn’t want to confess to witchcraft, because is so she will be convicted of attempted murder as well as witchcraft. Abigail blames other people for the act of witchcraft to get everybody’s attention taken off of her. Abigail wants to be with John Procter and will do anything to get that to happen. She has taken advantage to Goody Proctors illness, and performs adultery with John. Seven months after the affair happened, Abigail is still obsessing over John, and won’t let her felling change for him. Abigail gets the chance to talk to Procter, and tries to convince him that he is the love of her life, and that if she can’t have him, nobody can. Abigail tries to basically brainwash Procter that he is in love with her still too. Abigail claims the she sees John look up at her window and it makes her believe that deep down he wants to be with her, but does not want to be convicted of adultery. She makes herself believe that he still loves her, but does not want to admit it, because of his marriage with Elizabeth.

Abigail is also a back stabbing friend. After Paris find the girls in the woods, she tells them that if they don’t follow her plan, she would kill them all in their sleep. The girls get scared of her threat, and decide to go along with Abigail’s plan, even though they know it’s the wrong thing to do.
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