Abe: Japan Is Back

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演讲题: 《Japan is Back(日本回来了)》



尖阁诸岛(编者注:中国名为钓鱼岛)是处在日本主权之下的领土。不允许中国挑战日本的主权 对话之门时刻向中国领导者敞开


http://www.kantei.go.jp/foreign/ ... 302/22speech_e.html
"Japan is Back", Policy Speech by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Japan is Back
By Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan
22, February, 2013 at CSIS

Thank you, Dr. Hamre, for your warm introduction.
Thank you, Secretary Armitage. Thank you, Ambassador Schieffer. Thank you, Governor Parnell. Thank you, Dr. Green. And thank you all for joining me today.

Last year, Richard Armitage, Joseph Nye, Michael Green and others published a paper about Japan. They asked, if Japan would end up becoming a Tier-two nation. Secretary Armitage, here is my answer to you.

Japan is not, and will never be, a Tier-two country.
That is the core message I am here to make.
And I should repeat it by saying, I am back, and so shall Japan be.

That much is what I have wanted to say. I could stop here and take your questions for the next 50 minutes. I know, however, that Ambassador Sasae has started to look very much anxious. So I will go on talking anyway. Bear with me for another twenty minutes.

The time I spent, five long years, since leaving office as Prime Minister, was my time for reflections. First and foremost, I reflected upon, where Japan should stand in the future. I didn't think WHETHER Japan could do this or that.

I thought, more often, what Japan MUST continue to do.

Here are the three tasks that were always in my mind while I was thinking that way.

Firstly, when the Asia-Pacific, or the Indo-Pacific region gets more and more prosperous, Japan must remain a leading promoter of rules. By rules, I mean those for trade, investment, intellectual properties, labor, environment and the like.

Secondly, Japan must continue to be a guardian of global commons, like maritime commons, open enough to benefit everyone.

Japan's aspirations being such, thirdly, Japan must work even more closely with the U.S., Korea, Australia and other like-minded democracies throughout the region.

A rules-promoter, a commons' guardian, and an effective ally and partner to the U.S. and other democracies, MUST Japan be.

I also looked at the globe.

It tells me, that as your long-standing ally and partner, Japan is a country that has benefited from, and contributed to, peace and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific for well over half a century. The bedrock for that, needless to say, has been our alliance. It is high time, in this age of Asian resurgence, for Japan to bear even more responsibilities to promote our shared rules and values, preserve commons, and grow side by side with all the high achievers in the region. No luxury is allowed for Japan to be self-absorbed in its struggle against economic malaise.

My mental globe also told me that Japan must remain a robust partner in the fight against terrorism.

My resolve is even stronger now, after what happened in Algeria, the killing of ten Japanese and three American engineers.

The world still awaits Japan, I thought, in promoting human rights, in the fight against poverty, illness, and global warming, and the list goes on.

That's why, ladies and gentlemen, I stood for office again.
That's why, I am resolute to turn around Japanese economy.

I said a moment ago that the Asians are making a great progress. With the exception of a single country, I should have added. That exception, of course, is North Korea.

My government, upon their nuclear test, introduced an added sanction against Pyongyang. Their nuclear ambition should not be tolerated. Unless they give up on developing nuclear arsenal, missile technologies, and release all the Japanese citizens they abducted, my government will...
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