Abdomen and Ventral Body Cavity

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Rat Dissection Lab Report

This report is due _____________________________.

You will work as a group to complete a report from this dissection (1 report per group – divide the work!). Reports will be graded for content, thoroughness and evidence of understanding, as well as coherence and neatness.

Submit one report per group; each participant must indicate what s/he contributed to the dissection and report.

Reports must be written neatly in blue or black ink OR may be word-processed.

Your descriptions should use correct anatomical terms and be anatomically relevant – that is, appearance, texture, location, whether or not blood vessels are plentiful, size, weight, etc.

Divide the work between group members as follows:

1. Drawings – External and internal

2. Introduction, Background, Purpose and External observations

3. Thorax observations

4. Abdomen observations

5. Conclusions – Each group member will write a 1 paragraph conclusion of his/her part in the dissection and what was learned from this experience. Include all group members’ conclusions with the report.

Report Format

The report must be formatted correctly and include the following subheadings:

Cover. Title & Group members’ names

Introduction / Background and Purpose

Give some information about the rat as a model for human anatomy. Find out the classification of the rat (genus, species). Justify why it is appropriate to use rats for this introductory dissection. What characteristics do the rat and human share? What are the limitations to using the rat as a model for human anatomy? Be specific!

What was your purpose in performing this lab? What did you hope to learn, and why was this lab exploration a good exercise for that purpose?

Observations and Descriptions

This will include three sections, each written by a different group member (see below): 1. External Observations, initial incision and muscle structure; (this can be divided if 5 people were in the group) 2. Exploration of the Thorax

3. Exploration of the Abdominopelvis

Include brief descriptions of techniques used to expose and explore structures of the rat. This should be detailed enough that someone experienced in dissection could use your report to guide their own work.

Be sure to answer any questions that were included in the
dissection protocol in the appropriate section of the report.

Observations and descriptions should include appearance, location, texture (what does it feel like?) and weight of organs where indicated in the protocol. Please use correct terminology when locating structures in the rat. Identify the components of body systems as you describe them (e.g., heart is part of cardiovascular system).

One group member will create drawings of the external structures and ventral body cavity (thoracic and abdominopelvic structures may be in a single diagram.) Drawings do not have to be beautiful! They should represent what you saw in a simplified form. Color coding different structures/organs is very helpful. Label all structures identified. I will not accept photos in place of drawings, however you are welcome to take pictures of your specimen to use when making your drawings. Drawings must be done on unlined paper.

The report should be divided into sections with subheadings:

1. External Structures - Observations and description of specimen; weight; indicate whether your animal was a fresh or preserved rat; length; 3 major divisions of the body; how body proportions compare to human.

Indicate the steps taken to remove the skin, technique used, and observations (e.g., appearance of muscle tissue with skin removed; connection between skin and underlying muscle, etc.).

• Muscles of ventral body cavity – Describe the appearance of the muscles. Did muscle fibers all run in the same direction? Did you see fat deposits? White connective tissue?...
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