Abdomen Anatomy Mcq

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9. The spleen is situated in the:
A. Right Upper Hypocondrium
B. Left Upper Hypochondrium, protected by ribs IX-XI

18. The pancreatic duct of the pancreas
A. Joins the common hepatic duct
B. Begins in the tail of the pancreas
C. Empties to the duodenum at minor duodenal papilla
D. Can be closed by sphincter of Oddi
E. After entering the pancreatic head turns superiorly

42. The common hepatic duct:
A. Drains the bile and pancreatic secretion
B. Is formed by fusion of hepatic and cystic duct ( =common bile duct) C. Runs with the portal vein the lesser omentum
D. Is formed by fusion of right and left bile duct
E. None of above

(is formed by the fusion of right and left hepatic duct, joins the cystic duct and forms the common bile duct)

1.By the union of the bile duct and cystic duct is formed A. Common hepatic duct
B.Common bile duct
C.Common cystic duct
D. Hepatopancreatic duct
E.None of above

22 If you make a incisure through anterior abdominal wall, which layer’s will you penetrate, except A. Camper's fascia
B. Scarpa’s fascia
C. Transversalis fascia
D. Deep Fascia
E. Renal Fascia

24. The foregut begins and ends respectively
A. With abdominal esophagus / on ileo-cecal flexure
B. With descending part of duodenum / before the left colic flexure C. With abdominal part of esophagus / on descending part of duodenum D. With thoracic part of esophagus / before the right colic flexure E. None of above

27. The cisterna Chyli is located
A.At vertebrae level T12-L1
B.At vertebrae level L2-L4
C.At vertebrae level L5-S1
D. Posterior to the aorta L1 to L2
E. Anterior to the aorta

32. A physican who is trying to distinguish between jejunum and ileum has observed that the jejunum has: A. fewer plicae circulars
B. fewer mesenteric arterial arcades
C. Longer vasa recta
D. Shorter vasa recta
E. more fat in its mesentery

70. Jejunum in comparison with ileum is/has:
A. Longer
B. Small in diameter
C. Thicker wall (sid 274 grays)
D. Shorter vasa recta
E. Less prominent arterial arcades

37. The renal fascia:
A. lies immediately outside the renal capsule
B. is identical with renal capsule
C. is condensed extraperitoneal fascia
D. encloses the suprarenal gland too
E. is condensed fat tissue

38. Which sentence related to the fossa ovalis is wrong?
A. is a depression on the left side of the interarterial septum B. is a depression on the right side of the interarterial septum C. it marks the location of the embryonic foramen ovale D. is visible just above the orifice of the superior vena cava IVC E. pass a prominent margin -limbus

(fossa ovalis is an embryonic rembrent of foramen ovale between SVC and the right AV valve)

41. The anterior wall of inguinal canal is formed mainly by: a)      Transversalis fascia
b)      Conjoint tendon
c)       Inguinal ligament
d)      Aponeurosis of external oblique muscle
e)      Aponeurosis of internal oblique muscle

48. The posterior wall of inguinal canal is formed mainly by: A. transversalis fascia
B. conjoined tendon
C. inguinal ligament
D. aponeurosis of external oblique
E. aponeurosis of internal oblique

Posterior wall= Transversalis fascia
Superior wall= internal oblique and transversus abdominis
Inferior wall= inguinal ligament, lucanal ligament and iliopubic tract)

45. Passing from the right to left hepato-duodenal ligament contains the following structures A. Bile duct/ portal vein/ hepatic artery proper
B.Bile duct/ portal vein/ hepatic vain proper
C.portal vein/ Bile duct/ hepatic vain proper
D.Hepatic vein proper cystic duct/ hepatic artery
E.Common hepatic duct/ portal vein/ hepatic artery proper

50. There are the following segments of the kidney:
A. superior, postero-medial, postero-lateral, inferior
B. apical, anterosuperior, anteroinferior, inferior, posterior C. medial, lateral, superior, inferior, posterior
D. anterior, superior, inferior,...
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