Topics: The Pedestrian, Ray Bradbury, Walking Pages: 2 (653 words) Published: May 3, 2013
The Pedestrian
1. Write a brief summary of the story.
Set in the year 2053 ac, Mr Leonard Mead likes to walk around at night and has done for years, One night he is walking along when a police car pulls up and asks him what he’s doing walking around at night, so he tells it that he’s out walking, as the continues the police car is convinced that he is insane and asks him to get into the car and then takes him to the Psychiatric Centre for Research on Regressive Tendencies. As they go they pass Mr Leonards house and all the lights are on. 2. Comment on the characters in the story, both the main and the minor ones. Mr Leonard Mead; He seems like a thoughtful person that likes his own space, it says that he has no one, he is lonely and this could be why he likes his own space. It says that he is a writer this could also lead to him being thoughtful. Other Characters; The story doesn’t really mention any other characters apart from the police car; it mentions once or twice the people in the houses he passes. The Police Car; This is the other main character at first you think that the ‘metallic voice’ is a man behind a speaker-phone but then it says ‘there was no one in the front seat’ it also says about a new law in 2052 that there was only one police car in every city, this could mean that the car, like Leonard, was lonely. The car is also very suspicious of Leonard from the start. I think as it says ‘crime is ebbing’ the car is eager to catch some form of crime.

3. Ray Bradbury often has a warning in the stories he write. What do you think Bradbury may be warning us about? Consider the behaviour of the main character as contrasted with the other people mentioned in the story. Ray Bradbury’s’ warning in this story could be that crimes will increase in the future, that everybody will be more interested in TV than in books, also that if you don’t have anybody you’re going to be accused that your insane.

4. What kind of society is depicted in the story?...
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