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By | November 2012
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BusinessProcess Outsourcingisthe delegationof one or moreof the businessprocesses to an External provider, whichin turn owns, managesand controls the selected processes basedon some specific standards. Itwas startedin India inearly 1980’sby theBritish Airways who set-up theircaptiveunitin Delhi.

BPO in India starts with low-end dataentry processes, but now it moves up the value chainand deals incore business processes also.Both voiceand non-voice BPO Industry existsin India.Various
typesof servicesare performed,callcentresbeingthe attraction todayfor the youth.
BPO operates through three typesof business models viz.- Transactional,Niche and Comprehensive.Financeand Accounting has also setits significant place in BPO pie.

It isexpectedtoachieve USD60 Bnby 2012 andUSD225 Bn by the end of 2020. Costcompetitiveness and talented pool of human resources are the key driversin the growthof BPO
industry,butstill some factors such as underdeveloped infrastructure andcompetition from other low-
cost countries are providing challeng to the Indian industry, which needs to be addressed carefully by
the cooperationof government,NASSCO Mand industry itself.

Still,Indiais shining in the BPO landscapeand Is the most attractive destination.

Since the late‘90s, the Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) industry has seenstrong growth and avariety of models emerging. However, as the industry begins to mature, many are curious how KPO willevolve over the next five to ten years. KnowledgeProcessOutsourcing(KPO)involvesthetransferofknowledgeintensivebusinessprocesses that require significant domain expertise,to other geographic locations .For globa corporations looking to move their higher endrese arch like market researchand equity research,analytical based services,engineering...

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