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The Raymond Group was incorporated in 1925 and within a span of few years, transformed from being an Indian textile major to a global conglomerate. The Raymond Limited was established in September 1925 to acquire the Woolen Mills in Thane known as WADIA WOOLEN MILLS.It was managed by E. D. Sassoon & Co. until November 1944 when the entire share holding was  acquired by JAGGILAL KAMALPAT SINGHANIA of Kanpur, subsequently J. K. Trust Bombay, acted as managing agents. Thereafter the name was changed to Raymond Woolen Mills Limited. In late 1994, the “Raymond Woolen Mills” was changed to “Raymond Limited”. Traditional product lines were discounting. High quality becomes a numbers of watchwords and thediversification program got head start. Non traditional blends of natural and manmade fabrics were introduced back by sound research & Development. This resulted in greater consumer satisfaction both at home and abroad. The idea of J& K was to develop an organization with a diversified product line. Over the year the organization grew in structure and nature. To facilitate better involvement of the top management in the organization effort, the J. K. Organization was divided into three zones i.e., Western, Central and Eastern. The Raymond Limited in Chhindwara is a part of Western zone.


Brand Elements of Raymond’s:
1)Brand Name:
The brand name is Raymond which means “protecting hands”. This is very finely shown in there advertisement. The brand name conveys the meaning and also attaches the customer with the brand and creates the protective image in the mind of the customer to which the customer gets emotionally attached. 2)Logo:

The logo of Raymond’s shows its tag line “The Complete Man” and also shows the year in which the Raymond’s was started. The logo gives the information about the company and also creates the image of Raymond’s in customers mind. Here the logo completely defines the tag line as well as the origination year of Raymond’s that is 1925. 3)Slogan:

The slogan used by Raymond is “The Complete Man”. This clearly shows a man who is the epitome of loving, caring, and also style, in danger of being left behind? 4)URL:
Uniform Resource Locators: They specify locations of pages on the Web and are also commonly referred to as domain names. The URL of Raymond is 5)Character:
The character shown in the advertisement of Raymond is the normal person who is a man who is the epitome of loving, caring, and also style, in danger of being left behind? 6) Spokespeople:
Spokespeople are the people who endorse the brand. The spokespeople of each and evry brand keep on changing. The spokespeople are the ones who can persuade and emotionally attach the customer with the brand and by watching them people get influenced and also make a particular image of the brand in their own minds. 7)Jingles:

They are musical messages written around the brand. The jingle used by Raymond nowadays is “Aj kal tere mere pyar ke charche”. This song increase the memorability of customers and makes it easier for the customer to link the meaning of the brand with its advertisement and the jingle used. Jingles also relate the feelings and personality with the customer.

For over 80 years, Raymond is counted as one of the world's premier manufacturers of worsted suiting fabric in fine grade wool; in the same league as the finest that Europe has to offer. Today, the Raymond product range includes pure wools, wool blended with exotic fibres like camel hair, cashmere and angora and innovative blends of wool with polyester, linen and silk. Offers suiting and trouser fabric...
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