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ABC Hospital Nursing Staff Shortage

University of Phoenix

There is a critical shortage of nurses in the medical-surgical unit at ABC hospital. As a result, administrators and staff have devised several plans to combat the shortage. I will provide details of one plan for ABC Hospital to increase the number of nurses employed in the medical-surgical unit. In order for the hospital to retain nurses in this unit, they must put into place a comprehensive reward system for the nurses. In addition, they must recruit veteran nurses who have been employed in the unit to promote the unit as an enjoyable and rewarding place to work. If both of these strategies are effective, then ABC hospital will be able to alleviate the high turnover rate, improve nurse morale, and make the medical-surgical unit an excellent place to work. ABC Hospital must research the following: the reasons for the nursing shortage and the reasons for the excessive turnover rate. In order to do this, the hospital must form committees, which will include veteran nurses, doctors, and administrators who will create and administer surveys for the current and incoming nurses to complete. Once the results are reviewed, the committee must then be responsible for devising solutions for each identifiable problem. For example, if employees indicate that they feel that the conditions of their working environment are hazardous, then safety standards must be reviewed and put in to place. If the safety issue stems from the nurses’ feeling that they are overworked and understaffed, then the committee must decide how to relieve the nurses to prevent costly mistakes. Ultimately, listening to and providing a safe work environment for the nurses will be the committee’s highest priorities. Failing to listen to the nurses will further compound the problem and make working in the medical-surgical unit as dangerous as the nurses believe it to be.

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