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ABC Inc. New Hire Case Analysis
Mario Delceppo
November 25, 2012
Al Badger

ABC Inc. New Hire Case Analysis
Mr. Carl Robins, recently hired as a recruiter, is tasked with setting up an orientation for a group of new hires he recruited for Operations Supervisor Monica Carrolls. There is a fair amount of preparation work that needs to be completed prior to the orientation: information files and drug screening for each person, company orientation and policy manuals, and a location for the orientation process to happen. In order for the new hires to start work by July, enough time has been allocated for all tasks to be completed and room reservation prior to the orientation class on June 15. Not all of the requirements have been met, and time is short. A plan needs to be developed and implemented to ensure that situations like this are no longer experienced at ABC Inc. Background

This case study recognizes the problems that Carl Robins is experiencing with getting an orientation class set up, and will focus on those problems that have affected his ability to have the orientation on the projected date. Key Problems

One of the key contributors to the issue is that Carl Robins is new to his job, and this is the first class of new hires he is responsible for. According to "Top Suggestions on Improving Employee Efficiency" (2012), “It has often been said that a successful business operation, regardless of its size, depends on the effective management of “people, products, and processes.” (para. 2). The key problems that Monica Carrolls needs to be aware of and have examined before a resolution can be achieved are as follows: • Carl Robins’ interview process

• Carl Robins’ time management skills
• Training Department’s supply of new hire material • Training room reservation process
Carl Robins’ Interview Process
One of the first things to look at would be to review Carl Robins’ interview process. What does Carl Robins do with the applications before he invites anyone to sit for an interview? Does he verify the prospective new hire’s application for completeness first? Does he require the application to include the prospective new hire’s transcripts when it is submitted to the company for consideration? Carl Robins’ Time Management Skills

Something that is very important and every company will consider is whether or not their employees are productive and doing their job as efficiently as possible. They want to make sure they are getting the best employees possible for the money that they pay out to them. Mr. Robins first recruited these new hires in early April. It is now near the end of May with only a couple of weeks before the orientation is supposed to happen. What has Mr. Robins been doing for the last eight weeks that he is just now noticing issues with the new hire’s paperwork? Did he file the applications and forget about them? He was reminded by Ms. Carrolls midway through May, and assured her that it would all be done on time. When he became frustrated about the paperwork, he went for a walk. Why did he not start to make calls to the new hires for the required documentation? Could he not have also started calling everyone to get the drug screening scheduled? Training Department’s Supply of New Hire Material

ABC Inc. is a company large enough to have a full-time recruiter on staff. They are, therefore, large enough to have a Training Department, or at a minimum, personnel responsible for the training of new hires. These personnel should also be responsible to maintain the material needed to hand out to the new hires for their orientation to the company. Why were there only three orientation manuals available? Why did those three have pages missing? Who is responsible for the supply of the training material? Training Room Reservation Process

Who had the training room reserved first? Is this training room scheduling log just a logbook or a...
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