Abc Inc. Case Study for Student Analysis

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  • Published : October 5, 2010
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ABC Inc. Case Study
Ryan Fagen
University of Phoenix
[ May 14, 2010 ]
Michael Millis

ABC Inc. Case Study for Student Analysis

Even though postponing the orientation will allow the recruiting department the time to obtain all the necessary documents, receive the results from all drug screens, ensure all training materials are in hand, and the onsite training room would be available reducing any additional costs to the company, the issues can be overcome and with some adjustments to the process. Additionally the issues can be avoided in the future because Carl is new at his job and lacks the experience needed to complete a large task such as hiring 15 people at one-time. Many other companies and detail oriented processes have a checklist in place to ensure the proper, effective completion of tasks. Background

According to the Practice Case Study (University of Phoenix, 2010), the task of hiring 15 new trainees to work for Monica Carrolls, the Operations Supervisor for ABC, Inc., was assigned to Carl Roberts, the new campus recruiter. Carl scheduled the new hire orientation for June 15, as he planned to have all new hires working by July. Fewer than two weeks prior to the orientation, Carl uncovered numerous issues: the new hire documents and transcripts are incomplete, a drug screen for all new hires has yet to be completed, the training room is not available as previously thought, and the training manuals for the orientation are incomplete. Even though Carl is worried about the issues, the case study research (University of Phoenix, 2010), exposes that Carl has yet to reach out for help. Key Problems

The Practice Case Study uncovered several issues impeding Carl’s progress in the recruitment of a new trainee class, none of which are too difficult to overcome. Carl’s review of the new hires personal files less than two weeks prior to the scheduled orientation date uncovered: not all candidates had completed applications or transcripts on file...
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