Abc Inc. Case Study Analysis

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  • Published: April 9, 2011
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Case Study Analysis
This is a case study analysis of the hiring process conducted by new recruiter Carl Robins. The ABC Inc employee encountered several problems while attempting to complete the hiring process of 15 new employees. Problems include poor time management, lack of attention to detail, and poor communication. Improvements to be made are weekly meetings between key office personnel and implementing a training program for all employees regardless of position. Background

New campus recruiter Carl Robins hired 15 new trainees in April, planning to start their training on June 15, and having them prepared to start working on July 1. On May 15, Monica Carrolls, the Operations Supervisor, contacted Carl regarding the upcoming training. Monica covered the issues Carl would need to coordinate for the new hires. Carl, at that time, assured Monica that everything would be completed on time. Procrastinating until after coming back from the Memorial Day holiday, Carl decided to start finalizing the paperwork needed for the new hires. After starting this task, he found there were still many things needing to be arranged and completed. There was incomplete paperwork on the new hires, missing transcripts, and incomplete applications. Drug screens had yet to be completed, and the training room had been reserved for the entire month of June by technology services. Training materials required for the orientation were incomplete and missing pages. Key Problems

Time Management Issues Problems encountered in this case start with Carl’s procrastination. Carl waited until after Memorial Day to begin researching if everything was in order for the upcoming orientation class. The new employees were hired by him in April, giving him plenty of time to ensure that the paperwork was all completed correctly. Ms Carrolls had gotten in contact with him on May 15, to go over things needing to be completed and arranged before the class could begin. This should have cleared up any issues of him not knowing what steps were to be completed prior to orientation. Attention to Detail

After the meeting with Monica, being new in his position, Carl should have started going down the list he had gotten to ensure everything was proceeding as required. People were hired not having complete applications, along with not having their transcripts on file. People should not have been offered positions with the company not having completed the application or not having a transcript turned in to properly verify their information was correct. Carl appears to have been more worried about recruitment numbers, than making sure proper hiring procedure was followed. Lack of Initiative

Another problem discovered was none of the new hires had been scheduled drug screenings. Upon acceptance of a position a drug screening should have been arranged. If a person wants a true test, they should be tested as soon as possible. This should have been followed up upon much earlier. The training room had been double booked for the time that was needed by Carl and Monica, with technology services for computer training seminars on the new data software implementation. This mistake perhaps falls on the Operations Department. Along with the double booking the training manuals failed to be kept up to standard and were missing pages. This may have been caught had the manuals been inspected after the last training class. Alternatives

Carl waiting until after Memorial Day to attempt to finalize things has now caused serious time constraints on readying everything. It appears there is not any type of regularly scheduled meetings and little to no follow up by Monica with Carl to double check his progress •Carl needs to get extremely busy now. He may have to notify Monica of his mistakes and get the advice and aide of some of his fellow coworkers. He may be working extra hours on his own time, meeting up with the new...
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