Abc Inc. Case Study Analysis

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ABC Inc. Case Study Analysis
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The ABC, Incorporation (Inc.) has provided a workplace that has a friendly environment for all the employees. ABC, Inc., continues to recruit potential employees who are educated and who possess the determination and desire to perform at the highest standards. By doing so, the company will be able to remain successful in the business world. Had Robins consulted an experienced employee for additional solutions he could have avoided this dilemma. ACB, Inc., recruiter Carl Robins has been with the company for six months. During that time he hired 15 new employees; these employees are scheduled to being their training on June 15. The new hires are to start work in the Operations Department for Supervisor, Monica Carrolls before July. On May 15, Robins guaranteed the Operations Supervisor, Carrolls that everything would be completed on time and that he would be able to conduct the training on the scheduled date.

Regrettably, Robins failed to notice that Joe, from the Technology Services Department already had the room reserved for the month of July. In June, Robins discovered a problem when reviewing the applicants’ files; some had documentation missing which needed to be submitted before they reached their hire date. A few of the new hire applications were incomplete because some applicants had not completed the drug screening.

Robins discovered the orientation manuals were not complete or were missing pages. Robins contacted Joe from technology services and discovered the training room had been reserved by technology services. Robins had to fine a different location for the training class. Robins also failed to communicate with the experienced employees at ABC, Inc. If Robins had notified the experienced employees about the difficulties he was having organizing the orientation, they might have been able to help him. Case Study Background

The case study does identify several problems about how unprepared ABC, Inc. was for the new hires by current staff. Robins had been employed by ABC, Inc., for six months. During that time, he was assigned the task of preparing all the required materials for a new hire orientation. Robins’ lack of knowledge and experience with this task has led to problems with this assignment. These issues could have been avoided if Robins had followed proper procedures.

The issues Robins encountered were: some of the applicants did not provide complete applications, some failed to submit their transcripts, none of the applicants took the required drug test, the orientation materials were incomplete, there were insufficient copies of the orientation materials, and the room for the orientation had already been reserved for a separate event. Key Problems

One of the key problems for Recruiter, Robins, is that he must rectify each individual problem before he proceeds with the orientation. Those problems are: 1. Find a facility to hold the class.

2. Contact the applicants to have them complete the employment applications and provide the required documentation. 3. Schedule the appointments for new hires’ drug screens tests. 4. Provide a complete copy of the orientation manual for each new hire. 5. Have open lines of communication

Find a location
The first thing Robins must do is to search out locations that are available on the day that the orientation class is scheduled for and decide on it. Because Robins failed to verify that the training room would be available on the date of the orientation, he must find an appropriate alternative location. If Robins is required to use the off site location, he is obliged to take into consideration the distance and time in travel for the attendees’. Employment Applications and Documentation

Require all applicants to review and complete their employment applications; have them provide all the required documentation for their individual file. Robins must verify...
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