Abc Inc. Case Study 1

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  • Published : May 31, 2012
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ABC Inc. Case Study
Brian Laningham
University of Phoenix
Claudia Browning June 22, 2010

ABC Inc. Case Study
This case study is to determine the responsibilities of the campus recruiter in the hiring of new ABC Inc. employees’, and how it can be accomplished more effectively.

Carl the recruitment officer for ABC Inc. has procrastinated and caused a scuttle two weeks before orientation for the new hires and he needs to get them and himself prepared. With approximately two weeks until new hire orientation Carl has discovered that some of the new trainees do not have all of the correct paperwork filed, and none of them have been to the clinic for their drug screens. Carl has known what was expected of him since May 15, and now in early June he is finding out that he is not prepared and it is frustrating him. BACKGROUND

Carl Robins is the new campus recruiter for ABC, Inc.; he has been on the job for six months. For his first recruitment assignment Carl has hired 15 new trainees to work for Operations Supervisor Monica Carrolls. . Carl recruited these new hires in early April and scheduled the orientation to take place June 15. Before the new hires can start on the job they must go through training, orientation, and they must have physicals and drug screens administered as well. Carl is responsible for having the new hires prepared for the upcoming orientation; he is also responsible for having the materials such as manuals, and policy booklets ready for the orientation. On May 15, Monica contacted Carl about his upcoming responsibilities and Carl assured her that everything would be taken care of.

Carl Robins who is responsible for recruiting future employees for ABC Inc. is set to have his first 15 recruits start in approximately July. Before the new hires can begin their regular duties...
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