Abc Corporation: Reaching Beyond the Limits

Topics: Management Pages: 4 (1286 words) Published: April 24, 2013
ABC Corporation Reaching Beyond the Limits:
Developing a High Performance Team

Table of Contents
* Introduction
* Building and Leading High Performance Teams
* Management and the Notion of Change
* Communication and the Manager
* Establishing Corporate Cultural Values
* Advantages of a High Performance Team

The ABC Corporation has had its share of teams within their organization. Most of the teams created within the ABC Corporation have been small groups working on a small task oriented project. Since the marketplace is vastly changing, it is time for the ABC Corporation to change with the times by reaching beyond their limits. In order to be competitive and survive in the marketplace, the ABC Corporation will have to develop a high performance team to boost leadership in order to stay innovative and thrive in the marketplace. Diverse people with extra ordinary talents and skills that complement one another would be considered to be a high-performance team. The collaboration of different individuals is better than that of only one person. High performance teams have allowed organizations to tackle problem solving to innovation.

Building and Leading High Performance Teams
According to Engleberg & Wynn (2010), the following elements are necessary for the creation of any team or group: two or more members, a common goal, time, materials, and space. Building a team can be somewhat of a hard task to do. It would be terrific if teams happened naturally, but the truth is they do not. High performance teams must be created and managed. High performance team members can be described as tight-knit and focused on the common goal of the team. High Performance teams learn and demonstrate behaviors that are usually not exhibited by most teams. Organizations form teams for several reasons. Teams can be formed to make decisions or implement decisions. High Performance Teams typically decide how change is...
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