ABB Process Industries: Online Simulations

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On-line Simulations –

Advanced Web-enabled services

Inger Bolin1, Maria Borg2
ABB Process Industries, PI/FVT, 721 59 Västerås, Sweden



Department of Computer Engineering
Mälardalen University

Västerås, Mars 2002

Supervisor and Examiner at university: Johan Stärner
Supervisor at ABB Process Industries: Mats Tallfors


ABB Process Industries has developed a simulation tool called Drive Dynamics Analyzer (DDA) to be able to analyse dynamics features in rotating machines. DDA is written in Matlab and can be compiled and run as an ordinary application principally, but a few simulations are only working when DDA runs directly under Matlab. The main goal of this thesis is to set up an on-line communication between a future client/customer, which is going to have a compiled DDA application, and ABB, which does the advanced simulations under Matlab. For this purpose Matlab Web Server (MWS) is acquired. The MWS makes it possible to deploy Matlab based applications over a network using standard web technology.

The thesis also includes installation, configuration and learning the new technology involved for developing with the MWS.

The result is a MWS application implemented in the client DDA, enabling advanced services over the web without having Matlab installed. A file is transmitted from the client through the MWS to Matlab for calculation and a file holding the result is sent back and the simulation is plotted in the client DDA.

Preface - Acknowledgement

This degree thesis was done at ABB Process Industries, department FVT, during the period December 2001 to Mars 2002, as a part of the education Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at Mälardalen University in Västerås, Sweden. Inger Bolin and Maria Borg performed the work.

We sincerely thank our supervisors Mats Tallfors at ABB Process Industries and Johan Stärner at Mälardalen University.

For technical support we especially want to thank Mattias Olsson at ABB Process Industries for his support and help with Matlab and the DDA application, Ulf Arvehed at Comsol Support for his ideas and feedback on our work.

We want to thank Mattias Nordin for giving us the opportunity to do this thesis and we will never forget all the nice coffee breaks with the other staff members.

Table of content

Preface - Acknowledgement3



2Relevant technologies6

2.1Matlab Web Server (MWS)7
2.1.1Building MWS Applications7
2.1.2Product Requirements8
2.1.3MWS Components8
2.1.4Important MWS functions10
2.1.5Understanding MWS10
2.2Apache Server11

3Problem Description and Analysis12



4.1Installing, configuring and studying MWS14
4.2Making a test program14
4.2.1File uploading to a HTML page14
4.2.2Establish communication with MWS15
4.2.3Get a result file back to the client15
4.3Implementation in the DDA Application16
4.4.1Input and Output HTML documents16
4.4.2DDA application17
4.5.1Usability Evaluation18


5.1Result Analysis21

6Recommendation, Future work22





This chapter gives a short introduction to the background and purpose with this thesis and also the abbreviations used in this report.


ABB Process Industries has developed a simulation tool called Drive Dynamics Analyzer (DDA) to be able to analyse dynamics features in rotating machines. An example of how to use this tool is building a model for a rolling mill drive. The model contains information about the mechanical and electric features of...
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