“Abandoned Children in the Philippines, Do They Still Have Hope”?

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  • Published: September 4, 2011
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“Abandoned Children in the Philippines, Do they still have Hope”?

A Term Paper

Presented to

Ms. Jovy D. Elimanao
English Instructor
Interface Computer College

In Partial Fufillment
Of the requirements for the subject
English 2

Karen Jane Marie Claus
Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

March 30, 2011
All of us need a family to guide us. What if they’ll be also the one to destroy our hope? Being a child with no family do they still have hope? Hospicio de San Jose located in San Miguel Manila is one of the sanctuaries of abandoned, exploited, neglected, abused and indigent infants as well as indigent senior citizens. This institution is managed by the daughters of charity located within the vicinity of Ayala bridge. Their goal is to help those street children who begs for help along the streets. Many of the regular children go to church on Sunday with their family. Eat on fabulous restaurants. Play during school break and are given proper education. Street children don’t have the same luck. They are the one sent by their parents to work, in order to sustain the basic needs of the family. While their irresponsible father is drunk and their mother is playing cards. At a very young age they are the bread winner of the family. Before Filipino wouldn’t want their children to go out of the house. They do everything they can, in order to send them to school.They even ask a relative or a neighbor to look after their children while they work. However today is very different the parents are the one forcing these young individuals to go to the streets to work. As of 2002 there are an estimated 220,000 street kids in 65 major cities. They are nameless, faceless, and aimless wandering our streets one day at a time begging for alms. Some of them engage on petty crimes and other sell theirselves just to earn money. The worst case is that when the Department of Social Welfare and Development gets these children out of the streets,...
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