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Among local films, Abakada Ina starring Lorna Tolentino as an illiterate mother comes to mind. Her mother-in-law (a teacher) looks down to her because she is "useless" and "unreliable." When one of her kids gets sick and the doctor prescribes some medicines, the latter has to put some colored stickers on the bottles to help her distinguish which to give for what symptoms. When one sticker gets unstuck, Lorna in her confusion gives the wrong medicine to her kid. When the kid gets hospitalized as a result, she realizes the importance of literacy. And in the final scene, she is seen with her daughter in class.

This film by director Eddie Garcia dramatized the conflict between Estella (Lorna Tolentino) and her mother-in-law Miling (Nida Blanca) whose son, Estella's husband, is the luckless Daniel (Albert Martinez).

Estella tries to make ends meet as a market vendor. Miling, a school teacher, looks down on her daughter-in-law's lack of formal education, and blames the family's misfortunes on her. Estella finds her role in the family and her self-respect dwindling.  

Drawing a line between an educated yet heartless school teacher and an illiterate market vendor with a pure heart, Abakada... Ina clearly imparted the message that one's background is not enough to gauge a person's true worth.

Film critics' opinions were divided when they reviewed Abakada... Ina. Some said that Nida Blanca upstaged Lorna Tolentino in their performances. Others saw the film's storyline as good but not really on par. However, many applauded the film's message and even recommended that the film be exhibited in schools.  

Abakada... Ina earned Lorna Tolentino a FAP Best Actress trophy; Eddie Garcia bagged the FAMAS Best Director plum in 2002.

Abakada.. Ina is a drama film directed by the award winning actor, Eddie Garcia. The film portrays the value and substance of education, especially literacy, to every human being which is to be applied in their way of life. For me, this film...
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