Ab221 Customer Service

Topics: Customer service, Sales, Disability Pages: 2 (656 words) Published: January 7, 2012
Running head: On-Time Technology Products Complaint

On-Time Technology Products Complaint
Kaplan University
AB221 Customer Service
Tina Engle
March 30, 2011

On-Time Technology Products Complaint
On-Time Technology Products (OTTP) sells products related to time, and Mark MacGibson is the new President of OTTP. OTTP has seldom had any customer complaints because the companies top priority is customer service. Mary Graff, the supervisor for the Customer Service Representatives plans was to take OTTP to an innovative level of excellent customer service. Unfortunately, one day the President received a complaint in written from a disabled person, that has prompt his immediate attention. The complaint was in reference to the treatment given by a sales representative (Joanne) during the persons visit to the store. The complaint read, “Today I was at your store and wanted to purchase a new laptop computer. I never write companies when small incidents occur (relative to my disability of being in a wheelchair), but I feel that today’s behavior by your sales staff was over the top and warrants this letter. I chose to inform you, the President, so that others in my circumstance at your place of business will not be so offended. I felt very patronized when, after asking a question of your service/sales representative Joanne, she responded in an almost childlike voice – not once, but three times! Then she proceeded to lean on my wheelchair as she was demonstrating the laptop to me. I felt it would have been more appropriate for here to use a chair, but when I suggested she do so, she said, “Oh this will only take a minute or so” and then continued to lean over me for another five minutes! I am incensed enough to write this letter! By the way, after leaving your store I will purchase my laptop from another store within the hour.” After reading this person written complaint I have come to the conclusion that this complaint is legitimate because...
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