Aavin Dairy Processing Unit

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Amidst the cool hills of the Perur-Siruvani highway surrounded by modest greens, is located the AAVIN dairy processing unit. Spread over 10 acres of land, the unit is Coimbatore’s most sophisticated processing plant. Milk vans collect milk from even the remote villages and 15 vans report to this particular unit. Samples from each can are tested separately at room temperature and at 4°C and the results are aggregated.

For the preliminary processing, Water from a cold water storage tank is circulated around the milk cylinders. Exchange of heat takes place by which water gains heat and the milk chills out. On an average, milk can possess SNF (Solid Non- Fat) content between 4.1% and 8.2%. AAVIN offers 3 different types of milk with varying SNF content. The milk packets are colour coded for easy identification. BLUE: Toned milk with 3.0% cream and 8.5% SNF

GREEN: Standardised milk with 4.5% cream and 8.5% SNF
ORANGE: Full cream milk with 6% cream and 9% SNF
To attain the above ratio, each type of milk is separated in a cream filter. At the end of the filtering process, all the cream is taken away and the milk sent out has only SNF. The milk is mixed with skimmed milk powder in suitable ratio to raise the quality. On an average 1kg of milk powder is mixed with 10 litres of water to increase SNF.

The skimmed milk powder is processed in ERODE. The exclusive spray drying unit supplies for about 7 districts. The unit processes an average of 1.5 lakh litres of milk per day of which 50,000 litres is contributed by Coimbatore.

SAILO is the milk storage tank named after the material. SAILO is an insulated silver alloy packed on both sides of a cylindrical thermocole to maintain temperature. In this vessel Pasteurization is carried out.

Pasteurization is the process of bacterial saturation. Steam from a boiler is sent over the tank, heating the milk to 87°C and immediately cooled. This sudden loss of heat saturates and weakens the...
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