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Progress Report, Sample One
DATE: September 28, 1992
FROM: Jersey ManuĀ 
TO: Dr. JensenĀ 
SUBJECT: Progress on faculty workshop plans
Work Completed
Plans for the faculty workshop on October 12 are nearly complete. The committee met on September 19. We discussed what kind of subject we wanted and came up with several names of possible speakers. Since then, Greg Stephens has contacted Stan Brannan, president of Genesis Technology Center in Wichita. He has agreed to come. Since then we have sent him a letter confirming the speaking engagement, and Greg Stephens has talked to him personally. He will be flying in on October 12. I contacted John Campbell at Boeing. He got in touch with Al Andrews in their CAD-CAM division. Mr. Andrews has confirmed that either he or Tom McDabitt from his department will come to speak. A letter has been sent to him as well confirming the speaking engagement. Both letters were mailed Tuesday, September 27. I have enclosed a copy of the letter sent to both Andrews and Brannan. We also included a schedule for the workshop and directions to the campus, copies of which are also attached to this memo. Work Scheduled

There are a few things that remain to be done.
* I need to call Al Andrews, make sure he got his letter, and work out any remaining details about his arrival. * We need to find out when Mr. Brannan will be arriving and have someone meet him at the airport. * We would like to send announcements to various business leaders, the news media, the chamber of commerce, and the other post-secondary schools in town by the middle of next week. I have a few questions for you.

1. Will your office be responsible for sending out announcements, or do you want us to do that? We do have some papers from Genesis that could be sent with the announcements. These would help people know what Genesis is. I've enclosed one. 2. Will someone from your office meet Mr. Brannan or should one of us? You'll notice that my letter suggests...

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