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1. Profile
Name of the organisation: Membership type (tick one only): ASDA

x Ordinary

Membership category (tick one only):

Oil palm growers Palm oil processors and traders Consumer goods manufacturers x Retailers Banks and investors Environmental/nature conservation organisations(NGOs) Social/development organisations (NGOs)

Operational structure of the organisation:
Responsible Contact(s)

Primary contact for questions, feedback:

Name: Address: Telephone: Email:

Chris Brown ASDA House Leeds


Senior representative, authorising commitments: Person submitting progress report: Financial contact for membership fee: Reporting Period: Date of Report:

Chris Brown Chris Brown Chris Brown



To : 07/10

2. Details of Progress
A. Analysis and Strategy for Sustainable Palm Oil
1. High-level strategic view of the organisation's relation to sustainable palm oil and related longer term objective. ASDA is committed to our products being made using sustainable palm oil 2. Time bound plan with milestones/targets. · All palm oil products to be RSPO certified by 2015

3. Targets for the next reporting period.

4. Statement from the organisation's senior representative. ASDA is working with processors and suppliers to use RSPO certified products. We believe in as full a participation in the function and processes of the RSPO as possible. Accordingly, ASDA is a member of the European group of retailers whose representative is a member of the RSPO executive board.

B. Progress made in producing, procuring/utilizing and supporting sustainable palm oil 257 Greenpalm certificates purchased to cover the palm oil components of the frying oils used in ASDA Café. This accounts for most of ASDA’s direct palm oil purchasing.

C. Challenges
1. Significant economic, social or environmental obstacles encountered in production, procurement, use of sustainable palm oil or in promotion of RSPO...
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