Topics: Marketing, Marketing research, Marketing management Pages: 6 (1274 words) Published: February 18, 2013

Number of Aston Credits: Number of ECTS Credits:

15 7.5

Staff Member Responsible for the Module:
Dr Riliang Qu Marketing Group Aston Business School, Room ABS227 Email: r.qu@aston.ac.uk Tel: 0121-2043135 Dr. Fan Email: ying.fan@brunel.ac.uk Tel: 01895-267239 Or Contact the Marketing Group Administrator: Mrs Samantha Doidge, Room ABS236. Ext: 3147

Pre-requisites for the Module:
To study this module you must have completed BMM600 or BMM601

Module Objectives and Learning Outcomes:
This module is designed to help you develop an appreciation of the special requirements for successfully conducting international marketing activities. Specially, the model intends to help you:

Develop an understanding of key international marketing principles and practice. Recognize the diversity of international marketing practice.

Develop necessary skills and ability to analyze international marketing issues

Module Content: Week 1
Course Introduction/ International Marketing Environment Readings: Preface; Chapters 6, 7

Week 2

International Marketing Research Readings: Chapters 5 Seminar cases: Case 1.1 Vermont Teddy Bear; Case V.1 Familet

Week 3

International Market Selection Chapters 8 Seminar cases: Case 5.1 Teepack; Case 5.2 Tchibo

Week 4

Market Entry Mode Decisions Chapters 9-12 Case 8.1 Philips Lighting; Case 8.2 Mac Baren Tobacco Company

Week 5

International Product Decisions Chapter 14 Case 11.1 Ka-Boo-Ki; Case III.4 Heineken

Week 6

International Promotion Strategies Chapter 17 Case 14.1 Danish Klassic; Case 14.2 Zippo

Week 7

International Distribution Channels Chapters 16 Case 17.2 Chevrolet; Case IV.3 Dyson

Week 8

International Pricing Strategies Chapter 15 Case 16.1 De Beers; Case 15.1 Harley-Davidson

Week 9 Week 10

Revision Examination

Corporate Connections:
Case studies of real world firms are used as well as videos of experts and of real life examples.

International Dimensions:
The course is totally international as per title.

Contribution of Research:
The content of the lectures get updated on a regular basis to reflect the latest research evidence in the field of international marketing. The lectures will also be informed by the new insights generated from my own research project on the strategic marketing of multinational companies’ subsidiaries, sponsored by the British Academy of Marketing.

Method of Learning:
In addition to reading the core textbook as well as articles in the reading list, you are expected to attend lectures and seminars as well as to take part in classroom discussions. The module consists of 9 lectures and seminars. Each seminar will involve several syndicate groups presenting their findings/answers to questions contained in the pre-assigned cases. All cases for presentation are taken from the core text, namely, Hollensen (2007). (see lecture schedule for case details). Each group will be allocated one case only for a presentation of about 20 minutes in duration. (Please copy your PowerPoint presentation file to a USB drive or a CD and bring it to the seminars)

NB: It is crucially important for everyone to have a syndicate group membership. Please enquire at the PG office reception immediately if you still do not have such information after week one’s lecture.

Method of Assessment and Feedback:
The module will be assessed by a 3 Hour open book examination (100%). Feedback will be provided via Blackboard.

Learning Hours:
Contact Hours Group Work Private Study/Reading Assessment Total 27 68 52 3 150

Essential Reading:
Chapters/cases indicated in the Lecture Schedule are taken from the following required textbook: Hollensen, Svend (2007). “Global Marketing: A Decision Oriented Approach”, 4th Edition, London: Prentice Hall. ISBN: 0-273-66839-6. The online companion web for this book can be found at http://www.pearsoned.co.uk/hollensen

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