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DR. BABASAHEB AMBEDKAR MARATHWADA UNIVERSITY, AURANGABAD Dept of Computer Science and IT, M.Sc CS(sem I) Class Test II, Advance Operating System Date :-5/11/2012 Paper no:-CSC 404 Total Marks:-20 M Duration : 1hour

Q1. Match the following 5M

1 2 3 4 5

Page Map table Inboard memory Auxiliary memory Principle of locality File Map table

a b c d e

Cache One per system One per address space Non volatile Register

Q2 Choose the appropriate option for the following sentences I. ---------- a fixed length block on main memory. (frame, page ,partition ,hole) II.


A--------- allocation policy allows the number of page frames allocated to a process to be varied over the lifetime of the process. ( fixed ,virtual ,variable, static)


Using FIFO some reference string actually generate more page fault for more page frames is known as ----------. ( reference string, Belady anomaly, queue anomaly , page trap)


----------- incremental allocation of new pages is possible in this scheme without requiring relocation of program address space. ( pure paging, virtual paging, contiguous , dynamic)


-----------is a phenomenon in virtual memory scheme when the processor spends most of its time swapping page rather than executing instructions. ( thrashing , compactation ,burping , dynamic )

Q3 Why is the principle of locality crucial to use if virtual memory?


Q4 Consider the following segment table Seg 0 1 Base 200 70 length 600 100


What are the physical address for the following logical address a) b) 0,350 1,200

Q5 A process references five pages A,B,C,D and E in the following order A, B, C, D, A, B, E, A, B, C, D, E Assume that the page replacement is LRU and MRU.


Find the number of page faults and give its success rate. The system is provided with three page frames.

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