Topics: Capitalism, Value added, Economic inequality Pages: 4 (692 words) Published: March 5, 2013

Research Theme
The empowerment of SMEs and its impact on Chiang Mai’s economy

Research Purpose
This study is purposed to find out the factors which cause income inequality in Chiang Mai. After identifying the factors, we will be able to observe the effective ways to fill the gap.

Research Questions
1. Why is there the income inequality in Chiang Mai?
2. What are the factors that can fill the income gap in Chiang Mai?

Core Sites
1. Baan Tawai Handicraft Center (11)
2. FDI firms in the Northern Thailand Industrial Estate (27) Related Sites
3. Ceramics by Meng Rai Kiln (13)
4. By Hand: Artificial Flowers (16)
5. Jolie Famme: Silk Production (17)
6. Borsang Umbrella Production (14)
7. Baan Bejawan: Scent candles (15)
8. Hmong Hill Tribe Village (18)

Younger Generation
We will observe the opportunities, skills, and technology capabilities of younger generations in generating income through FDI and/or SMEs.

Local Resources and Culture
We will observe the SMEs’ role in utilizing local resources and local culture. SMEs in Chiang Mai are able to give high value addition to their products, which are made of local capital, and apply the local culture (Lanna) as main characteristic of the products.

Rural-Urban Linkage
We will observe the existence of the income gap between rural-urban population, the employment opportunities of rural people in city, the chances of rural consumers in accessing urban products, and the chances of rural SMEs in entering urban market.

Field Survey Method
For data collecting, we will apply interview and questionnaire survey method. Our respondents will be the government officers, younger generations who work in FDI firms and SMEs in rural and urban areas, SMEs’ employers, and FDI’s human resources managers. Because of the limited time and surveyor number, sampling survey will be implemented. We...
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