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  • Published : December 6, 2011
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The AA meeting that I attended was at midnight in Bay City, at the Log Cabin. When I first walked in I was very startled. There were three women and seven men. I was quite overwhelmed and a tad bit scared to be in that sort of predicament. I know going at midnight was probably not the best idea, but it was the only meeting that fit into my schedule. Everyone was very nice to me when I walked in and informed me on how the meeting was held and what went on.

At the start of the meeting some book readings were read off and they all said the serenity prayer. As everyone went around the room and talked about how alcohol affected their lives and how now that they were trying to be sober, I sat there and listened. A hand full of the people there did not share any stories or advice, they just said their names and that they were alcoholics and that they were just at the meeting to listen, not to share anything. A lot of the men told stories about how alcohol affected their personal and professional live. Something that really threw me off was that three of the men there all had degrees from universities. When I think of an alcoholic I think of someone walking down the street in ragged clothes with a brown paper bag holding a bottle of the cheapest beer or booze on the shelf. But that’s not the case. These men were dressed in jeans and nice jackets, work boots and they appeared clean and shaved. I sympathized with the one man when he shared a story about how alcohol had changed his appearance and attitude so much that his toddler didn’t even recognize him. Many of the men that spoke talked about the amounts of alcohol they consumed everyday on a daily basis. The one guy said that he would buy a half gallon of vodka in the morning and a thirty pack of beer at night. I was floored by this. He talked about how his organs were starting to shut down and that was when he realized that he had to make a change. All of the people that spoke had one thing in common, and that was...
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