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  • Published : October 1, 2012
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Marketing Plan for AA BBQi
The researchers would like to thank the people who made significant contributions to the completion of this Marketing Plan for AA BBQ. To the Almighty Father, whose protection and guidance is ever present especially in times of pressure. To our parents who were there to support us financially and the encouragement all throughout the process of completing this paper, thank you. To Dr. Emmylou Llorca, our instructor, for the motivation and patience of taking time to guide the researchers in the making of their marketing plan. To AA BBQ – managers and staff, for giving their permission to conduct a research about their company. To Mr. Anthony Noval, manager of AA BBQ Guadalupe branch, for providing his cooperation and giving time for an interview and also for providing necessary information to the researchers. To their friends who have been very supportive in the distribution of survey questionnaires. To each and every one who, in one way or another, contributed to the study, their sincerest thanks. Although much of the researchers knowledge, the researchers have learned from these people and company, whatever egregious faults you – or they – may find with this book are strictly from the researchers. Marketing Plan for AA BBQii

Table of Contentsii
List of Tablesv
Chapter I
Industry Profile
A.Competitor Analysis1
B.Industry Analysis2
Chapter II
Company Profile
A.Company Background4
D.Goal and Objectives
Chapter III
Marketing Strategies and Programs6
A.Market Segmentation
B.Target Market
Marketing Plan for AA BBQiii
Chapter IV
Marketing Mix Decisions
A.Product Design and Classifications7
B.Distribution Option
C.Pricing Strategy
D.Promotion and Advertisement8
Chapter V
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