Aa (Alcohol Anonymous Reaction Paper

Topics: Alcoholism Pages: 2 (760 words) Published: November 14, 2012

The thoughts of me attending an alcohol anonymous meeting give me butterflies. I was very skeptical and nervous about going because I didn’t know what to expect .but at the same time I knew by going; it would turn out to be a very educational and interesting experience. I couldn’t imagine the thoughts and feelings of the actual person attending for the first time being that I’m just observing and they’re participating in a life challenge. I think that most people that attend these meeting are instructed by either a love one or law enforcement. When attended the meeting they started off by asking if there were anyone one new that would like to introduce themselves and give their story and then the new person would then give their name and a little of their story and admit that they have an addiction. The meeting began with the reading of the twelve steps which are as follow: 1) Admitting the problem, 2) Power can restore sanity, 3) Putting our lives in God’s hand, 4) Making a fearless list of their morals, 5) Admitting wrong to society, 6) Ready to repent, 7) Ask God to remove sins, 8) Making amends to those you harm, 9) Make direct amends to people all over, 10) Continue to make personal list and admit wrongs, 11) Praying and meditating to God for improvement, and 12) Have spiritual awakening as results to the steps and followed by serenity pray, it took me a minute to understand it all. As everyone went around telling their stories it seemed like they were all similar stories. Some explained that once they were able to realize they had a problem and actually admit to it, they decided to get the proper help. Their thoughts and concerns were how are they going to survived without it and what their drinking buddies would think of them. Those were some of the thoughts that made some of them think twice about joining the program but they didn’t let it stop them. Two particular stories that stands out the most on...
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