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|Personal Statement | | |Unit A1Assess candidates using a range of methods

Whilst working towards my A1 qualification I initially shadowed my assessor whilst he met with the two candidates. I was therefore able to become familiar with the assessment process and with my candidates.

The approach I take with my candidates differs as I must treat each candidate individually and take into consideration the needs.

However, when first reviewing a unit with a candidate I talk through each of the performance criteria, range statements and knowledge and understanding with them. At this point I try to evoke a discussion and ask the candidate to suggest work activities that meet the standards. During the meeting I make notes of what the candidate has said. After this discussion I will ask the candidate to write a personal statement or case study or arrange an observation, whichever is most appropriate. I also list the evidence that the candidate needs to obtain before our next meeting.

When completing the assessment form I will confirm the contents of our meeting and that I plan to assess a particular unit at the next meeting if all action points have been met, I also list the methods of assessment which I will be using.

At the follow up meeting I again refer to the previous assessment plan and ask the candidate if they have been able to complete the action points, if they have I view all the evidence and check the, if the evidence meets the standards I sign off the unit along with the candidate.

If I feel that the evidence is not correct, up to date and reliable and does not meet the standards that are required by SVQ I explain to the candidate the reasons why, for example if it is not clear where the candidate involvement in the evidence was I will hold a discussion with them or speak to their line manager or colleague to authenticate the evidence.

I keep a copy of all the assessment plans that I complete and continually update the records for...
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