9th Grade Vocab

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  • Published : February 17, 2013
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Chapter 1
Plot- is a series of related events, like links in a chain. Each event hooks our curiosity and pulls us forward to the next event. Basic Situation- First part of a plot also known as Exposition, This is the opening of the story, when the characters and their conflict are introduced.

Exposition- also known as the Basic Situation
External Conflict- the struggle takes place between two characters, between a character and a group, or between a character and something nonhuman—a typhoon or a computer virus, for example. Internal Conflict- takes place within a character’s mind or heart: A desire to win someone’s friendship might conflict with a fear or rejection. Complication- The second part of a plot, Main character takes some action to resolve the conflict but meets with more problems or complications: danger, hostility, fear, or even a new threatening situation. Climax- The third part of a story, the key scene in the story — that tense or exciting or terrifying moment when our emotional involvement is greatest. Resolution- The final part of a story, sometimes called the Denouement. The resolution occurs at the end of the story. Denouement- also known as the Resolution

Chronological Order -The order which events unfold in real time. The writer starts at the beginning and tells about each event in the order in which it happens. Flashback- Writers interrupt the flow of events to present an episode from the past. Flash-forward -To jump ahead days or years into the future by using literary device. Foreshadowing- Hints or clues that suggest what is to come in the story.

Mood- or Atmosphere – it can affect the way we feel. Some settings make us fearful or uneasy (midnight, a lonely house, the scraping of a branch against a window.) Atmosphere- also known as Mood
Tone -attitude toward a subject or character.
Images - words or phrases that call forth a response from our senses—sight, smell, touch, hearing, and taste.

Chapter 2...
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