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By | August 2009
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1 Why go to university?
2 Are parents best teachers?
3 Has the easiness of cooking im-proved life?
4 Books and experience
5 A factory in your community
6 Change about my hometown
7 How do movies or TV affect peo-ple?
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8 Has TV destroyed communication?
9 A small town vs. a big city
10 Luck and hard work
11 Sports or library?
12 Why do people go to museums?
13 Eat out or eat at home?
14 Should students be required to attend classes?
15 Qualities of a good neighbor
16 A new restaurant in your neighborhood
17 Learn by yourself or with a teacher?
18 Qualities of a good supervisor
19 Highways or public transporta-tion?
20 Countryside or city?
21 Why do people live longer?
22 Important qualities of a co-worker
23 Should teenagers work?
24 The advantages of living in my city
25 A new shopping center
26 A new movie theater
27 Should people do things that they do not like?
28 Media and celebrities
29 Has human harmed the Earth?
30 A high school in the community
31 Stay at one place or move around?
32 Spend money or save them?
33 Jewelry or concert?
34 Should business never fire peo-ple?
35 Live vs. television broadcast
36 A vehicle that changed people's lives
37 Is progress always good?
38 Is learning about the past useful?
39 Can new technologies help stu-dents?
40 Never, never give up
41 Should land be saved for ani-mals?
42 An important skill
43 Dangerous sport
44 Travel with a companion vs. travel alone
45 Get up early vs. stay up late
46 Qualities of a good son or daughter
47 A large company vs. a small company
48 Why do people work?
49 Face-to-face communication
50 Do same things vs. try new things
51 Taking risks vs. planning
52 Change to your hometown
53 Is money the most important aspect of a job?
54 External appearance
55 Make decision alone
56 Arts or environment?
57 Serious movies vs. entertaining movies
58 Can...

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