9 Early Social Thinkers

Topics: Sociology, Karl Marx, Max Weber Pages: 4 (1197 words) Published: September 30, 2011
9 Early Social Thinkers

August Comte- August contributed in society in perhaps the biggest way of them all, simply for the fact that he discovered the term Sociology. Comte is the founding father of sociology, he was the first to tell the world his belief on the matter; and that was that the world can be best understood.

The world can be best understood, Augusts’ belief then became known as positivism. He wanted to show the world that this is the way society should be and that understands where different people come from. Since August Comte was the first to discover sociology, he paved the way for others to learn off of his preaching’s and branch off on their own and become an early thinker themselves. His ideas and views, and to him and plenty of others, his views were right. Spencer made writings called Principles of Sociology that was not even looked at for years. Spencer is one of the top 9 early thinkers simply for the fact that he believed and shared all that Darwin did but Herbert took it further and started saying that his theories of evolution went much deeper than biology, and people bought into it because it made sense.

Emile Durkin- He had a huge influence and on sociology, at the age of 13 he practiced the Jewish background and Catholicism but did not last long at all. Emile quickly became turned off and in a way offended by the whole concept of religions and only doing and believing in one certain way or thing.

He believed that people need to step outside of ones religion and start taking into consideration where other people come from and what practices they were taught and why. His said that “social facts were internalized and a part of the consciousness of individuals.” Durkin started studying groups but did not want to focus on the individual studies and attributes; he started to focus on how often certain things occurred. In doing this it made him breakdown, compare and contrast groups and practices more effectively....
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