9/11: A Marine's Opinion

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  • Published : October 18, 2012
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Determined never to forget but perhaps ready to move on, the nation gently handed Sept. 11 over to history Sunday and etched its memory on a new generation. A stark memorial took its place where twin towers once stood, and the names of the lost resounded from children too young to remember terror from over a decade ago. The anniversary took place under heightened security. In New York and Washington especially, authorities were on alert. In New York, Washington and Pennsylvania, across the United States and the world, people carried out rituals now as familiar as they are heartbreaking: American flags unfurled at the new World Trade Center, and tears shed at the base of the Pentagon. It was the 11th time the nation has paused to remember a defining day. In doing so, it closed a decade that produced two wars, deep changes in national security, shifts in everyday life — and, months before it ended, the death at American hands of the elusive terrorist who masterminded the attack.

Our country is still currently wagging war on those that attacked us over ten years ago, but the war is slowing down. Our current President (Obama) has slowly brought back troops from Afghanistan due to the killing of Binladen. Yes it is an amazing feeling to see our troops come home, but it is also sad to see the meager amounts that arrive home. There have been over three thousand troops die overseas in this war and that’s not including those that died at home in the U.S. or those that can’t live their lives the way they used to. I personally am done with and over this war. We should have never stayed in Afghanistan this long. I am going to be a full-fledged Marine in less than a year, and all people tell me is have fun in the sand. There is no support for us Marines and it makes me sad and tears my heart apart, because like many others I will put my life on the line for this country and all united states citizens but I at least want a little respect and gratitude.
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