9/11: The After Effects on Canada

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  • Published : November 11, 2012
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Dilraj Sunner
June, 4th, 2012
9/11: The After-effect on Canada
The events of September 11, 2001 (9/11) are remembered throughout the world. On this unforgettable day, three aircrafts crashed at different locations throughout the United States. Two of which crashed into the famous World Trade Center taking thousands of innocent lives. These attacks had allowed countries to learn and prepare to avoid any similar future events. Moreover, the effects of 9/11 had indirectly influenced Canada, beneficially and detrimentally. Canada as a nation had learned from this tragic experience as well as mourned the losses of its neighboring nation. The terrorist attacks had dramatically affected Canada; socially, economically, politically.

To begin with, Canada’s social atmosphere had been indirectly affected by 9/11. The aftermath of 9/11 mirrored similar social effects of the United States, within Canada. Canadians developed a sense of paranoia for unexpected terrorist attacks, which may possibly occur at any given period. Many Americans believed that the terrorists had slipped through Canadian borders; in consequence, attacking Canada may be easy for terrorists. The events of 9/11 had influenced many of the majority class Canadians to assimilate a patriotic and vengeful mind state. Post 9/11 minority Canadians were witnessing a dramatic increase of discrimination and racial profiling. Several majority class citizens and patriotic citizens were acting chaotic by performing hate crimes for their own self-interest of protecting themselves. Similarly, several minority individuals consisting of brown skin tone were perceived to be terrorists and prone to alienation, “Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, and Sikh Canadians all once again found themselves on the receiving end of unjust treatment meted out by their neighbors. Due to the reaction of the community; Sikh and Hindu temples were razed and targeted as a terrorist threat. Overall, the social...
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