9/11 Persuasive Speech Outline

Topics: World Trade Center, September 11 attacks, Collapse of the World Trade Center Pages: 13 (4084 words) Published: November 27, 2006
What "they" don't want you to know…

a.Where could the US Government have ever gotten the idea for the terrorist attacks of 9/11 i.12/7/42, Japan attacks Pearl Harbor, historians suggest the US Government had fair warning of the attacks and instructed US Military at Pearl Harbor to "let it happen on purpose", thus giving the U.S. a reason to enter the war. ii.10/17/62, after the failed "Bay of Pigs" invasion, the US Government was looking for another way to stage an attack on Cuba, the Secretary of Defense proposed many plans to President Kennedy in declassified documents obtained by the Associated Press, the documents suggest various terrorist plots including shooting down a planned flight over Cuba. iii.In both 1997 and 2000, the US Department of Defense Terrorism Preparedness manuals depict the WTC in crosshairs. II.American Airlines Flight 77 – Pentagon – Arlington, VA. a.Hani Hanjor – Hijacker Pilot

i.330 deg. Turn @ 520 mph
ii.7,000 ft descent in 2:30
iii.Russ Whittenberg, AA Pilot who has flown Flight 77 path and plane, at that great of a descent and angle and speed, the plane would have went into a high speed stall, it just isn't possible iv.Hanjor visited Freeway Airport in Bowie, MD 1 month prior to 9/11 to rent a single engine Cessna 172 1.Marcel Bernard, chief flight instructor at Freeway Airport says their insurance policy requires renters to take a test run with a certified flight instructor before renting a plane. a.Hanjor had major trouble controlling and landing a Cessna 172 b.Light Poles

i.On 11/22/04, a private jet en route to pick up George Bush Sr, clipped a single light pole 1 minute from landing at Houston Hobby Airport 1.The wing of the place was ripped off upon impact, scattering debris over 100 yards ii.Flight 77 managed to rip 5 light poles completely out of the ground, maintaining enough control and speed to crash into the ground floor of the Pentagon c.Photo Evidence

i.Media and eye-witness account recall Flight 77 bouncing off the lawn in front of the Pentagon before crashing into the ground floor. 1.Video and pictures refute this claim, there is no damage to the lawn in front of the Pentagon, and cable spools from construction that was taking place that day were unmoved. d.No trace of plane wreckage

i.CNN reported that day, that there was no evidence of a plane crashing anywhere near the Pentagon, and the only pieces that were supposedly left over from the wreckage were small and light enough to carry by hand. No tail, rudders, nose, cockpit, or engines. ii.The official explanation is that the intense heat from the jet fuel incinerated the plane. 1.However, the Armed Forces Identification DNA Lab, whose primary responsibility was to identify the victims of 9/11, was able to successfully identify 184 out of 189 bodies recovered from Flight 77. 2.Flight 77's Boeing 757 included 2 Rolls Royce engines made of Steel and Titanium which were 9 feet in diameter and 12 feet long, weighing 6 tons each a.Titanium has a melting point of 1688 degrees Celsius.

b.Jet Fuel is a hydrocarbon which can maintain a constant temperature of 1120 degrees Celsius after 40 minutes of burn time, but only if the fuel source is maintained. c.Most of the jet fuel would have burned off in the subsequent explosion upon impact, therefore it is scientifically impossible that 12 tons of titanium and steel were vaporized by jet fuel d.Investigators found only a single turbo jet engine in the wreckage, 3 feet in diameter. i.After the AP published the photo readers suggested is was a piece from the APU located in the tail section of a Boeing 757 ii.Honeywell's aerospace division, the manufacturer of the APU for Boeing was contacted, and refuted any claim that the piece was from an APU iii.The American Free Press contacted Rolls Royce, John W. Brown, a spokesperson for Rolls Royce said that the picture does not depict any piece from any Rolls Royce engine he was...
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