9-11 Essay

Topics: World Trade Center, Posttraumatic stress disorder, Lady Antebellum Pages: 2 (661 words) Published: October 4, 2012
9-11 Essay
9-11-11 is the tenth anniversary of 9-11-01. So many years have gone by and its still so sad and a horrible event from our nations history. All of the programs on television were so touching and sad at the same time. It made you really think about terrorists and the damage they can do to places. My reaction to Inside 9-11 was shocked and sad. I saw many different memorial services on T.V Sunday September 11. Again my reaction was sad. I don’t think that it should be memorialized in a big way every year.

My reaction to the program Inside 9-11 was very sad and shocked. I have never seen those images and videos before. Seeing the planes actually hitting the buildings was horrifying. Also to watch the people of New York running in every direction, watching, crying, and seeing the buildings crumble to the ground. All of the kids who knew their mothers or fathers were working in the building. Watching from the terrorist point of view was very scary. To know what they were thinking and listening to them talk over the intercoms of the planes. That program made me scared, sad, and shocked.

I saw many different memorial services on T.V on Sunday. Some of my favorites were the ones that had kids because kids always make you sad. On Sunday night I watched CBS and saw footage from the firefighters’ point-of-view. It makes me feel happy and safe knowing there are brave people that are out there to help us in horrible situations like 9-11. Of the 343 firemen that died, a lot of them had kids. It was so sad to see them all in a line holding pictures of their lost loved ones. Also in New York Sunday night they had big lights shinning up to show were the Twin Towers once stood. Another memorial service was at the football games on Sunday. At the Vikings game an eagle flew through the stadium. At the Jets game Lady Antebellum sang the National Anthem. The last memorial service I saw was in a commercial of a group of elementary aged kids in a choir class walked to...
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