8051-Based Mp3 Player

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being the project report submitted to

as a requirement for

Diploma in Microelectronic Engineering
September Session, 2010

School of Engineering and Technology


Final Year Project Report

8051-Based MP3 Player

This final year project makes a dot for the end of my journey in obtaining my valuable certificate of Diploma in Microelectronic Engineering (DMI). It has been a long and arduous journey; however, this challenging journey was made easier with the help and sharing of knowledge among lecturers, course mates, and seniors. Besides, support from family and friends are also helpful in implementing this project. With my expression of the heartiest gratitude, it is a pleasure to acknowledge the guidance and assistance received from several individuals during the project implementation period. I am greatly indebted to my project supervisor, Mr Chan Tse Wei, for the guidance and advices he gave throughout the whole project. His priceless experience and idea sharing have been the most useful and helpful in contributing the success of the project. I am grateful to Mr Chai Yoon Yik, a highly-experienced senior lecturer of Engineering school and also the head of final year project supervisors, for his selflessness of knowledge and skills he shared, and the confidence and support he gave to implement this project. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the coordinators of Project Lab, Mr Lim Leong Chye and Mr Shukri, for providing me the basic equipment, technical assistance on PCB fabrication and patience throughout the entire project period. I owe a debt of gratitude to my fellow course mates and seniors, including Hum Ik Khen, Peh Kean Hock, Lim He Lium, Quah Chun Hao, Feng Ying Xing, Tan Hooi Jing, Yamuna Nair, Catherine Yen Lean Shing, Angelene Koid Sook Lee, Foo Yonn Weih, Loh Guo Hui David, Bernard Gooi Heng Hooi, Tan Seow Jie, Tan Kok Pin, Kelvin Tan Shyang Yu, Lee Jun Guan, Marcus Lim Wen Chung, Lim Eng Wai, Ho Zhao Yong, Wong Chin Hoong, Chuah Er Wei, Jaclyn Yeoh Bee Yee, etc., for many spiritual support, discussions and knowledge sharing for this project. At last, I would like to thank my family, for the moral and financial support they provided. With their love and blessings, this project was completed successfully.


Final Year Project Report

8051-Based MP3 Player


I, LIM ZHE XIAN of NRIC number 901216-07-5377, hereby declare that this project, 8051-Based MP3 Player, being the requirement for Diploma in Microelectronic Engineering, September Session, 2010, INTI International College Penang, is entirely of my own work except where due references are made.


________________________ LIM ZHE XIAN 901216-07-5377 Date: November 15th, 2010 3|Page

Final Year Project Report

8051-Based MP3 Player

In this engineering design subject, a simple 8051-based MP3 player is designed, developed, and constructed utilizing a set of systematic and scientific approaches. The MP3 player constructed in this project incorporates an AT89C51RD2 microcontroller which is functioned as the core component in the MP3 player circuit to coordinate and interface with other peripherals such as the LCD module, the SD card which purpose is to store MP3 files and the four functional buttons for user interface. The project was kick-started by collecting relevant information regarding the various operating conditions and maximum absolute ratings of the electronic components used. The hardware of the MP3 player was then constructed on two breadboards. A functional program was designed, developed and implemented to drive the MP3 player circuit. The program was written in ANSI-C programming language and compiled using SDCC compiler. There are a few challenges encountered during the process of project development. These problems include display failure of the second...
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