80-20 Rule for Pitchers

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80-20 Rule For Pitchers 
I strongly suggest every high school, college, and pro pitcher take a good look at this email because it directly impacts you.   
For those not in high school yet I also suggest you take a good look.   Avoid making the same mistakes of those who have gone  before you.    Avoid the problems associated with arm health and having your velocity dip or simply stand still for way too long.    

My 80 - 20 Rule and What You Should Know
Ask Yourself how much time you spend on throwing ? 
Ask yourself how much time you spend on pitching ?
For the next week count the number of throws you make (Fastball students should already be doing this every night but for those who don't get it - START DOING IT!)

This should include warm up throws,drill work, and the number of throws on a mound.        
Make sure you break the number of throws into 2 main categories:  
Category A:     Pitching on a mound or simply in my delivery on flat ground  
Category B:     Throwing - (Not on a mound or NOT in your delivery)  
Add Up Your Totals:
1.   Total # of Throws
2.   Total # of Throws (Pitching Delivery Flat Ground or Mound)  
3.   Total # of Throws   NOT on the mound and not in your delivery  
What is your % ?
 Throwing   vs.      Pitching      

 Are You  80-20 ?   90 - 10 ? 
In my opinion you should be throwing a baseball a minimum of 80% and pitching a baseball no more than 20%.  MINIMUM.   90-10, 95-5, WOULD ALSO BE FINE WITH ME.  
Where do you fall in this category ?
In my opinion one quick way develop arm problems, lose velocity, is to get this percentage anywhere close to 50-50.     Of course anything less than 50-50   (40-60) would be even worse.   
Why?     Pitching is when you are at your greatest risk of disconnection.  Pitching is far more stressful than throwing.  Even Bullpens.   
Throwing is way to build up arm strength, arm health, reinforce throwing mechanics, command,...
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