8 Year Old Psychology

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  • Published : October 4, 2010
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Daily Routines
The eight-year old begins to have a big appetite, and some experience rapid weight gain. Parents can help control weight gain by limiting sweets and starchy foods. It is common for eight year olds to start having a later bedtime. She has to be reminded to go to bed and will put it off as long as possible. Eight sleeps soundly and rarely has nightmares. The average number of sleep hours is now ten. Eight enjoys going places and doing things, any activity that involves being with others, especially his family. He loves being at school, playing with friends, belonging to clubs, and moving from one activity to another all day long. A family with an eight-year old should plan to be involved in lots of extracurricular activities. Building Character

The eight-year old has much to learn about character this year. He can be rude, obnoxious, critical, and impatient. He thinks that he knows more than he really does, and comes off as a know-it-all. He likes to argue and is critical of others. He tends to blow up at his mother, friends, and especially siblings. At eight, the child is beginning to develop a subjective psychological conception of the self. She is just beginning to be aware of a separate inner experience and outward appearance. It is also the age when social comparison becomes a basis of self-evaluation. This is a big step in her psychological development, and so it makes sense that eight doesn't always handle this awareness of self and others well. She often feels inadequate and unhappy. She will blame someone else when something goes wrong. If she is criticized, she may burst into tears or take an attitude of who cares. It's as if she cannot tolerate being wrong or guilty, so she will go to any lengths to deny or explain away her guilt. On the positive side, the eight-year old has great courage and is very concerned with right and wrong. Eight needs his parents to guide him this year, to talk about what is right and wrong as he takes...